A Week in Paradise

A yacht charter story around Antigua  |  By Alexia Howard, age 16 

Calm bays, soft pink sand, turquoise water and an incredible Chef make for a perfect vacation in the Caribbean island of Antigua.

This year for spring break, we were able to go to the beautiful island of Antigua. We had never been before and it was totally worth the long trip from Denver. Antigua is pronounced (An-tee-ga), which we learned from the locals. It is part of the Leeward Islands in the West Indies. We arrived to bright sunshine and 80 degree weather and it stayed that way every day. Once aboard the Lady J, the fabulous crew treated my sister and me to the best Virgin Strawberry Daiquiris while my Mom and Dad had Key Lime Coladas. Chef James also had out little spoons of lobster or—as I said—little bites of heaven! The yacht was docked in the Antigua Yacht Club Marina, which was really nice. There was a gym that my parents used and tennis courts that I got to play on. You could also paddle board and kayak in the bay as it was so calm. 


That afternoon we walked around a bit and discovered a nice restaurant overlooking the water. You can also walk 15 minutes to get to a pretty beach. If you walked another direction for 10 minutes, you would end up in another marina but first you walk through an old stone gateway. We learned it was a preserved historical site, which was very cool. Back on the boat, our first dinner was a ceviche starter followed by yummy sea bass stacked on vegetables. I don’t love fish but this was delicious. My parents do love fish and they were raving about it. Of course, my favorite was the chocolate molten cake dessert that had warm chocolate oozing out of it when I cut into it. Delicious!


After a wonderful night’s sleep, we awoke to home-made peanut butter and chocolate muffins, a favorite of mine. A one-hour smooth trip took us to a secluded bay where we were able to get out the kayaks and paddle boards. The water was so clear and turquoise blue. Next adventure... we hopped on the jet skis to explore the various bays. My Mom and I like to go slow and see the sites while my Dad and sister like to see how fast they can go. The crew also got out a new toy called the catapult or blob. Basically you sit on one end while someone else jumps on the other end so you go flying into the water. The biggest challenge is getting on to it. But we had so much fun trying as our parents sat on the trampoline laughing at us.


Another awesome meal we had was a Greek themed lunch. Chef James made a Greek salad, grilled octopus, feta with herbs, homemade pita bread, homemade hummus, and tzatziki. It was so good. He makes all of his own bread every day and it is all wonderful. For dinner one night he made sushi and sashimi with seaweed salad and soba noodles that we all loved. It was better than any sushi restaurant we go to at home. The next day, we got to go to another beach and bay. The sand is like powdered sugar so we played paddle ball on the beach and took long walks. One of my favorite things is going on the wing. It is an inflatable toy that you lay on and then are whipped around by someone driving the tender. Jared, the first mate, loved to drive us over big waves but we held on most of the time!


My favorite day was the last day. We went to another bay but had our own private beach. The crew set up a volleyball net and we had a beach barbecue. It was so fun playing volleyball and then being able to walk right to lunch complete with grilled lobster, scallops, and ribs, plus grilled vegetables that everyone devoured. They even dragged the water trampoline to the beach so we could lay out there after lunch.


We were also able to snorkel, which was amazing. We saw so many different colored fish. That night we even ended our trip with our tradition on Friday, pizza and a movie. However, we didn’t have to order in as Chef James made us 4 different kinds of homemade pizza. I wish we could bring him home with us! I would definitely recommend Antigua. It is a beautiful island with soft sand beaches, clear blue water, and fun places to use all of the toys on the Lady J.


There are also lots of hikes around the island plus zip lining and horseback riding. We were having so much fun doing all of the activities on and off the boat we didn’t do any of those but for those interested the island offers a lot of different things to do. Bon Voyage!

Lady J's Chef James Howard on Cellar and Galley

Reprinted with permission of Yachts International  |  By Andrew Parkinson

A chef and a master sommelier serve up the perfect pairings.

It’s the morning of the annual chefs’ competition at the Antigua Charter Yacht Show, and James Howard, first-time participant from the 142-foot (43.2-meter) Palmer Johnson Lady J, is as primed as a fuel pump at the Monaco Grand Prix. He’s been ready for weeks, if not his whole life. The 30-yearold chef has a passion for perfection in cooking technique, and his submission to the judges was a lobster delicacy.

“I’ve been working out that dish in my mind for about a month now,” Howard says. “I spent a great deal of time just with the cooking process, trying to find the exact temperature and timing where the lobster, at its cooking point, turns from translucent to opaque—the precise moment when you want to stop the cooking. I experimented at 45 degrees [Celsius] cooking it sous vide for half an hour. Then 50 degrees …then 51 … 52 … I got to 55. At 56 to 57, it started to get too opaque, so 55 was the magic number. I’d say we went through about seven or eight lobsters. The crew was definitely loving me that day.”

He’s hoping the judges will love him too. 

“They are used to seeing amazing dishes; you have to stand out,” he says. “You’re talking about a month’s work—so much passion—on a plate.” Originally from Yorkshire, England, Howard became hooked on gastronomy during an apprenticeship in Cannes, France, at age 16. After a few seasons as a chef in the South of France, he participated in a cook-off in Monaco that landed him in the galley of a yacht, which he enjoyed.

But, as the story typically goes at that age, he had to go see about a girl.

“She was studying in Paris, and we went out to this little restaurant, and the food was terrible—the wine was fantastic, but the food was terrible,” Howard says. “I was chatting with the owner over a couple of glasses of wine, and I told her what I could do with the menu. She said, ‘Okay, let’s do it.’ So at 21, I’m suddenly the head chef of a restaurant in Paris.”

After nearly three years of Howard stoking a reputation in the Paris foodie scene, the sea beckoned. He was young and curious about the world, and the charter lifestyle seemed a perfect fit.

“Moving around from place to place on a yacht, I get to play with more ingredients than with a land based job,” he says. “I love being able to modify the menu each week, depending on where we are. I’m constantly searching for new ingredients. If I see something interesting, I’ll buy it and experiment with it. Traveling the world has its perks as well. I find it amazing that you go to Mexico and Thailand and they use many of the same ingredients, but how they use them is totally different.”

Even in his free time, Howard says, he incessantly marries flavors in his head. He imagines most of his creations and the way they will taste even before he procures the ingredients.

“I’m always waking up at night with ideas and jotting them down,” he says. “For most of my menus, I’ll open my fridges and brainstorm. On a boat, I’m alone in the galley a lot, so I’ve got loads of time to think—not just about the menu, but also the technique I can to use to make it extraordinary.”

For the tasting menu in this month’s Cellar & Galley, he aimed to showcase that technique.

“Take the swordfish carpaccio, for example,” he says. “Everyone knows swordfish is tough, so it’s not typically thought of for a carpaccio, but in this particular cooking process, it actually really takes well to being cooked and tenderized in the acidity of lemon and lime.”

Results of the chefs’ competition were announced later in the week. While Howard didn’t take home the trophy, he was right at the top in the scoring.

And his melt-in-your-mouth swordfish carpaccio was the best carpaccio I’ve ever had. I can only wonder what other surprises he must have in mind for future charter guests of Lady J.

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St. Lucia, Island of Riches

Reprinted with permission from Boat International, Nov 2017.

St Lucia’s rainforest-cloaked hills and plunging coastline hide endless treasures for those in the know. Cécile Gauert rediscovers the island’s chartering charms on board Lady J.

I have just touched the top of St Lucia’s vertiginous Petit Piton and I did not even break a sweat. There is more than one way to get up close to this iconic rock: the hard way, with hiking shoes and ropes; or the easy way. Fortunately, the captain of Lady J, on charter in the Caribbean, has arranged for his guests to try the latter. 


After a fast, dry ride on Lady J’s 31ft Intrepid tender to the pretty Sugar Beach, my companions and I, giddy from our first night aboard the 141ft Palmer Johnson, pile into a van for the journey up the winding road that leads to the Tet Paul Nature Trail. Rufina, a native of the nearby village, guides us along the path, a young mother hen to a flock of tootling tourists. She rattles off the names of plants along the way: “This is the guigui tree, or porcupine tree. It is very spiky. Be careful as you are passing by.” Birds seem to chirp in response to her clear laugh. 

My attention veers from pineapples, sweet potatoes, bananas and jagged trees to the green hills that drop off into a purple horizon. Eventually, we walk far enough that the trail overlooks St Lucia’s famous landmark. “This is the only spot on the island where you can see the Pitons this far apart,” Rufina says. She asks if we want I a photo and demonstrates how to create the illusion that her finger is touching the summit of the 2,424ft Petit Piton. I follow suit—no sweat at all. Through some foliage, I spot Lady J, bobbing gently in the shade of the mountain. The yacht’s captain, Allan Rayner, later tells me what he likes about St Lucia: “When you go on hikes you meet the locals and they explain everything to you. They are super friendly and happy just to chat.” 


Early the next morning I spin away on an exercise bike the crew has set up on the yacht’s sundeck, watching wispy clouds wreathe the emerald slopes. We share the anchorage in front of Sugar Beach, the Viceroy beach resort that was formerly the Jalousie Plantation, with only one other yacht. St Lucia, for all its beauty, numerous diving spots and two very good marinas, is not a magnet for superyachts, although the government is trying to change that by promoting the fairly liberal regulations relating to private and charter yachts. But it does take a bit more dedication to visit here than other traditional charter destinations. Getting to this island requires cruising through some deep water, and winter winds can make passages rough. The famous breezes, great for regattas, are not always ideal for serene passages on superyachts. Our original charter plan followed Captain Rayner’s favorite itinerary, from St Lucia to Tobago Cay and the Grenadines, but the forecast forced him to reconsider and stick to a lovely stretch of St Lucia’s coast. 

"I think St Lucia attracts your most adventurous type, people who are into diving, hiking, and want to see the more rugged sort of Caribbean."

While other Caribbean islands including St Barths have carved a reputation as the place to see and be seen—any captain who’s tried to get a slip in Gustavia over the Christmas and New Year period knows this pain—St Lucia is more discreet. But that is part of the island’s charm and probably why it is such a sought-after getaway spot for honeymooners, celebrities and charter guests who are looking for a different experience. “I think St Lucia attracts your most adventurous type,” says Rayner, “people who are into diving, hiking, and want to see the more rugged sort of Caribbean. The same goes for the Tobago Cays and the Grenadines. St Lucia is secluded. You do your own thing on the boat. And it’s just incredible anchorages.”


St Lucia is the third largest of the five major Windward Islands and, at 238 square miles, it really is quite small. The longest distance as the crow flies from north to south is 27 miles, and from east to west is 14 miles. A few roads snake around big hills covered with thick jungle. It shares natural and topographical similarities with Martinique, the island 25 miles to the north, but St Lucia is far less developed, particularly when it comes to its infrastructure. Thankfully, it was not affected by hurricane Irma and Maria.

Its topography may be why the fierce Caribs fared better here than on other islands. But it did not prevent St Lucia from getting caught in the tug of war of imperialism, a history embedded in the culture. The official language is English, which Derek Walcott, the late poet, playwright and the island’s Nobel laureate, used masterfully, but a colorful patois is also widely spoken, and French names pepper the map. The island’s beauty and natural volcanic treasures were also said to have attracted to St Lucia the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, Empress Josephine, whose father had an estate here.


Alongside its adventure credentials and rich history, wellness is also very much at the heart of tourism here and the island is dotted with resorts and spas offering treatments that incorporate local products. A tempting “sweet surrender” chocolate wrap is on the menu at laidback Ti Kaye Resort & Spa, which clings to the steep hill above Anse Cochon. More treats are on offer at Capella Marigot Bay Resort and Marina, which Lady J often calls home when in St Lucia. One of the Caribbean’s prettiest bays, its water turns from jade to gold as the sun descends at the end of the afternoon, and the humming of motorboats is soon replaced with the sound of tree frogs and music ricocheting across the water from a casual bar named Doolittle’s. The Auriga Spa at Capella offers an enticing honey and nutmeg exfoliation treatment and traditional rub techniques, exclusive to St Lucia and involving bamboo sticks.

I decide to continue my exploration in wellbeing with a tasting of some of St Lucia’s molasses-based rums aged in Bourbon barrels at Capella resort’s rum cave. I have no trouble any evening falling asleep between recently refurbished Lady J’s silky sheets (made from the finest long staple combed 100 per cent Egyptian cotton). Fortunately, it’s only a short walk to the dock from this rum haven. 


If you don’t plan on being tucked up in one of five cabins by 10pm, head to the north-west end of the island, which is especially lively at the end of the week. Fish Fry Jump Up Fridays expunge the stresses of the working week with free-flowing Piton beer or spiced rum, served with fried fish or chicken, and music getting louder as the night advances. It is particularly lively in Castries near Rodney Bay, home to the island’s original superyacht marina, now part of the IGY marina network.

"We are treated to lunch at Jade Mountain, overlooking the Pitons. I sip green gazpacho and take in the view."

Our program in St Lucia blends great onshore and onboard experiences. We are treated to lunch at Jade Mountain, Nick Troubetzkoy’s spectacular resort overlooking the Pitons. I sip green gazpacho and take in the view, one of St Lucia’s best. Next stop is the resort’s chocolate lab, where we are shown how to transform chocolate from the nearby Emerald Estate into fudge bars.


The chef on Lady J also uses the local chocolate to create sweets, truffles and other sinful treats. He sends these from the galley after each meal, no matter how elaborate and even after a seven course wine pairing menu. My favorite among the delicious offerings this evening is the pairing of a Chilean pinot noir with forest mushroom and truffle risotto. Each meal is a surprise, with fresh edible flowers, purple cotton candy, homemade goat’s cheese with seawater, and sweet or savory profiteroles, which the chef teaches us how to make in his galley.

No amount of jet skiing, swimming or paddleboarding – we did not have time to try any of the rainforest’s numerous zip lines – can offset these delightful culinary adventures. But who cares? The nightly note on my bedside table reads: “We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that death will tremble to take us.”


Lady J’s incursions into the picturesque bays of St Lucia’s west coast prove equally full of surprises. The crew organizes a barbecue lunch on a small beach near the fishing village of Canaries, a place that is just as colorful as the birds of that name. The long table set on a narrow stretch of sand affords views of strewn driftwood, as if cast by an artist’s hand, against a backdrop of clear waves and deeper blues further out. A couple of villagers engage the crew in some banter for a while, but then leave us to enjoy a feast on their beach.


We cruise just a few miles along the coast, from Marigot Bay to Rodney Bay and back, but it feels like we’ve traveled quite far and ventured way off the beaten path. St Lucia is still a pristine experience, a taste of the authentic Caribbean, a delicious blend of nature and laid-back luxury. I’d recommend that you go now while it still is a bit of a secret. Just make sure you don’t tell anyone else. 

Welcome to the new Motoryacht Lady J website


We're pleased to welcome you to the new website for 142' Palmer Johnson Motoryacht Lady J. Lady J accommodates 12 guests in 5 spacious staterooms and is ready to take you on an unforgettable luxury yacht charter vacation to the Bahamas, the Caribbean and beyond. We invite you to explore and discover our photo gallery, tour the luxurious interior, check out the many activities that are possible while on charter, study the deck arrangement and full specifications, review sample travel itineraries and meet your five star professional crew who are eager to cater to your whims and make your holiday absolutely spectacular. Visit us often for updates, media features, culinary updates and more.

Luxury dining on Lady J wows judges at the Antigua Charter Show

Lady J is very proud to have, once again, won the 16th Annual Charter Chef Competition at the Antigua Charter Show, which included two great competitions under one format: The Culinary Contest and the Tablescaping Contest.

Lady J’s Chef Ben Dineen won the Concours de Chef contest while Chief Stewardess Danielle Pia Jones placed 2nd in the Tablescaping competition in the middle category 126-159 ft yachts. Lady J is a 142’ Palmer Johnson Motoryacht.

Charter Yacht Chefs were asked to select a country of their choice, and prepare a 3-course traditional Christmas luncheon with a Caribbean twist in the use of ingredients and overall presentation.

Chef Ben’s menu was Irish-themed and included:

Christmas Menu

The Irish, Montserrat Connection


  • Terrine of Ham Hock, Confit Turkey & Foie Gras
  • Pineapple Marmalada, Cranberry Jelly, Sage Brioche

Main Course

  • Tenderloin of Wild Venison in Burnt Hay
  • Spiced Plantain Puree, Callaloo, Beetroot, Shallot Tatin 


  • Traditional Plum Pudding
  • Poached Pear
  • Local Rum Egg Nog Ice Cream

Five judges tasted the chefs unique creations and evaluated each one upon criteria that included:

  • Originality and Creativity
  • Presentation
  • Taste and Flavor
  • Country theme with Caribbean twist
  • Execution Craft / Technique
  • Overall impression

The award-winning menu was served onboard Lady J’s main formal dining salon, which was beautifully decorated by Chief Stewardess Danielle Pia Jones, her unique and creative style earned her 2nd Place in the Tablescaping Competition.

The judging criteria for Tablescaping included:

  • Originality and Creativity
  • Suitability of table styling to match the Chef’s country of choice with a Caribbean flair
  • Design and decoration featuring a sponsored bottle of champagne

Luxury dining onboard a private yacht charter is unparalleled and Lady J’s Chef is prepared to make your culinary experience onboard absolutely unforgettable. The crew are very excited with their Antigua success and looking forward to a busy winter charter season with many Christmas menus coming up!

The 2015 Councours de Chefs was sponsored by:

Laurent Perrier - Bacchus Wines - Le Gout du Vin - Boat Int Media Group - Showboats - Dockwalk - Charterfleet.com - Liat Quikpak Express - National Marine Supplies

An Out Island Odyssey in the Southern Bahamas

The Southern Bahamas are one of the most remote destinations in this area, not often explored, and considered off the beaten track for adventurers worldwide, but also one of the most beautiful cruising grounds for charter yachts. Scattered like pearls in the ocean to the southeast of Nassau, these islands have some of the prettiest and most pristine scenery in the country. For those seeking a little more than a land-based vacation, night-life and shopping, Motoryacht Lady J offers a fabulous, brand-new 7-day itinerary.

It's Caribbean Time!

Lady J is getting ready for the 2014/2015 Caribbean winter charter season, and available to charter as early as the first week of November in the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, or Caribbean.

Lady J at Francis Bay, St John, U.S. Virgin IslandsWe have an action packed season ahead of us with thirteen charters booked between November 2014 and November 2015. It is best to book early to avoid disappointment.

Captain Steve and his crew look forward to welcoming you onboard!

Lady J features prominently on ShowBoats International Magazine after hosting a fabulous yacht charter along the Turks & Caicos Islands.

The Islands of the Turks and Caicos are a unique Caribbean destination for luxury yacht charters, and 142’ Palmer Johnson M/Y Lady J recently hosted friends from ShowBoats International Magazine who discovered the aquamarine waters of the area while being pampered by the professional crew. We invite you to read the article below and download the full 5-page PDF (complete with photos, maps, and extra details) to learn more about this magical corner of the Caribbean and the most delightful way of exploring this tropical spot, your own Lady J luxury yacht charter.

Published courtesy of ShowBoats International  |  By Danielle Aragon Cabrera


To me, one of the most fascinating aspects of travel is meeting expats—people who took everything they cherished in their lives and moved to a vacation destination or to the middle of nowhere. Maybe they wanted to get away from a too-hectic life. Maybe they always had itchy feet as nomads meant to absorb as much of the world as possible. I’ve always been somewhat jealous of these types. But that is also the nature of the yachting lifestyle, isn’t it? Having the ability to move from one destination to another by simply picking a point on a map and saying, “I want to go there.” The Turks and Caicos is such a destination. Many people you meet are not from there and those who are typically only are second or third generation. Aside from long-time Turks islanders, many residents first came to this British Overseas Territory on vacation and vowed to move here. Who could blame them? There’s nearly 350 days of sunshine and with miles of uninhabited beachfront property, your neighbor could be anywhere from mere feet away to miles down the beach. 


Now, Providenciales, or Provo as it is affectionately nicknamed, the territory’s most developed island and largest town, is not what you would call a bustling city or business center—everything here caters to the tourist. You can move from hotel to hotel, availing yourself of each one’s facilities. You’re staying aboard your yacht in Blue Haven but want to use the spa at Amanyara? No problem. Heard that the breakfast at The Beach House was first rate? Well, then by all means, it can be arranged for tomorrow morning with no fuss. The stretch of beach at Grace Bay has been voted time and time again as the world’s best and you can have beach chairs and lunch set up at The Alexandra Resort on that famous beach tomorrow. Nowhere have I seen so many hotels working together like a network, all willing to share in the wealth of and cater to the visitor.

Located 575 miles from Miami, Florida, south of The Bahamas chain and north of Hispaniola, the Turks and Caicos has traditionally been a stopping point for refueling and provisioning rather than a large-yacht destination. IGY Marinas looks to change that. The international group manages the marina part of the newly renovated Blue Haven Resort and Marina, the former Nikki Beach resort on Provo’s northwestern tip. Catering to yachts up to 220 feet, the marina began welcoming yachts in summer 2013 before the grand opening in December. We spent a night here, sampling the marina’s and island’s many amenities before boarding the 142-foot Palmer Johnson Lady J, our host for the next three days.

While the aquamarine waters of the Turks and Caicos beckoned the next day, so did the island’s delights. We began by taking a conchcracking lesson at Da Conch Shack and then sampled some of the ubiquitous conch ceviche, which was lemony and superb, some of the best and freshest I’ve had. We then moved on to afternoon drinks at the Grace Bay Club, one of the island’s adults-only resorts. Grace Bay Club has everything from a beachfront pop-up restaurant and bar to the Caribbean’s longest bar: 90 feet long with an infinity edge that stretches it even farther into the horizon.

On land, there aren’t many attractions beyond hotel amenities, but there are biking trails, some shopping in Grace Bay and high-end restaurants. Also, bird watching is given high marks. Watching flamingos frolicking in their natural habitat at the aptly named Flamingo Lake—also popular with anglers for bonefishing—enthralled me. The best sighting opportunities, however, are on North, Middle and East Caicos, where you can see plenty of flamingos in the lagoons, salt ponds and mangrove wetlands, along with more than 170 bird species.

An afternoon helicopter flight over Provo revealed abundant undeveloped land between the many resorts that dot the islands and beachfront properties belonging to celebrities like Donna Karan, Bruce Willis, Oprah Winfrey and Keith Richards. They find here a sanctuary-like atmosphere that’s conveniently close to the States.

We crisscrossed over miles of empty beaches, secluded bays and waters so blue they looked like someone had dropped food coloring in them. The barrier reef that surrounds the islands, the world’s third largest barrier reef, creates a mirror-flat sea. We caught sight of a couple of kitesurfers taking advantage of the area’s trade winds and shallow beaches ideally suited to the sport.

We returned to Blue Haven Marina to board Lady J, eagerly anticipating our own sojourn and ready to get out on the water. Captain Stephen Bay leads the seasoned crew aboard Lady J. They are all watersports enthusiasts and were ready to show us the best of anchorages for a week of activities.

After a short cruise to the Northwest Point anchorage, we tendered to land for lunch and a spa treatment at the Amanyara resort. The resort sits inside two protected areas comprising 5,000 acres, the Northwest Point Marine Natural Park and Pond Nature Reserve, and is one of the most serene places I have ever visited. Wedged into natural surroundings, Amanyara feels more like Thailand or Bali than the British West Indies, although continuing that Robinson Crusoe-lost-in-paradise feel.

We returned aboard for an afternoon of watersports, swimming and snorkeling off of Amanyara where, just beyond the barrier reef, a 6,888-foot drop along the ocean floor forms an ideal wall for diving.

The next two days went by in a flash. While some of the ladies partook of another spa experience, this time at the Regent Palms Turks & Caicos, others enjoyed an afternoon of sportfishing, which is superb in this area. South Caicos is a renowned spot for lobster and conch. Captain Bay and crew are avid fishermen and returned from a short jaunt with no less than five three-footers in hand. Their appetites whetted, they planned for an afternoon of bonefishing upon their return to Blue Haven Marina.

One afternoon, the crew took us all aboard Lady J’s 32-foot Intrepid for a beach picnic on Fort George Cay. Uninhabited and a protected national park, this tiny cay was once a fortified island that protected the waters from pirates. Snorkelers easily can spot 19th century cannons lying underwater among swirling shades of turquoise and natural sandbars appearing at low tide.

As Lady J made her way south to the more typical charter destination of the British Virgin Islands, Captain Bay vowed to return at the end of the charter season. The Turks and Caicos had proven to be a worthy spot, a little slice of heaven away from the Caribbean’s crowded docks. I promised to come back as well. Who knows, maybe you’ll find me here five years from now, a true expat, having left the rat race and living the dream.

Lady J’s award-winning Chef Nathaniel Cox places 3rd in Antigua’s Concours de Chef contest.


142’ Palmer Johnson M/Y Lady J is very proud of its star chef Nathaniel Cox who recently placed 3rd in the prestigious Concours de Chef Contest in Antigua, in the Yacht Category (101'–159'). For the competition the vegan-themed menu was judged with a criteria that included Plant-Based Haute Cuisine and Caribbean Luncheon. Renowned Chef Chad Sarno, VP of Culinary Wellness at Rouxbe Online Cooking School was on the judging panel.

In current times, healthy cuisine does not mean a sacrifice in taste or a lack of high-end presentation. This year the well known contest challenged the skills of participating chefs by requiring solely plant-based cuisine.  

With the health crisis faced by most western countries, plant-based cuisine is not only trendy, but necessary. This year's competition asked chefs to showcase their best in the realm of plant-centered dishes while offering a healthy luncheon menu. The challenge was to highlight the intersection of delicious and beautifully presented haute cuisine with a healthy plant-based menu.

The competition criteria included:

  • Only use 100% plant based ingredients in all dishes
  • No dairy or dairy derived ingredients such as cheese, dairy milks, cream, and butter
  • No meat, or animal derived products such as eggs, meat, and seafood
  • Raw and cooked dishes permitted
  • Health should be a key factor when creating each menu

Judging criteria was based on presentation, creativity, taste and healthfulness of the overall menu presented, but other factors were taken into consideration.

Lady J’s Chef Nathaniel wowed the judges with his award-winning menu:

  • Galley sprouted mung bean, tamarind glazed grilled plantain, toasted hemp seed, avocado puree.
  • Smoked tomato eggplant, tofu, beetroot jelly, quinoa tabouleh.
  • Young coconut granita and flesh, papaya, passion fruit, kefir and kale sauce.

Join us for a luxury yacht charter vacation onboard Lady J and experience the finest haute cuisine you have imagined.

Fabulous guest reviews confirm that MY Lady J and its amazing crew offer a unique luxury charter vacation.

Happy charter guests are the best proof that a yachting vacation onboard Lady J is one of the best holiday experiences you’ll ever have. The crew have collected comments written on the charter guest book, which we’d like to share with you for a very personal glimpse at the guests’ own perspective. We have changed the names of the families in order to protect their privacy, but we trust you’ll enjoy the tales of their activities, meals and excellent times aboard.

We’ve just had a magical week onboard Lady J. The Captain and his crew set the perfect tone for the week. The Chef prepared every meal to perfection, from the table settings to every bite. The first officer provided daily adventures even when we kept him out on the water until sunset every night. Some highlights included: playing on the sandbar through sunset, swimming with the sharks, snorkeling the coves at Staniel Cay, jet skiing everywhere, water skiing, pirates taking over Lady J, movies on the upper deck, laughter and smiles from everyone (guests and staff :) all week long. Thank you all!
—The R Family 

My favorite thing was everything but my most favorite thing was tubing.
 —Miss L, Age 8

My favorite thing was the great food and the fun water activities like jet skiing, fishing and jumping off.
—Miss S, Age 12

My favorite part was jet skiing, spending time with my family, the good food and Fourth of July.

I had a lot of fun tubing, jet skiing, jumping and eating but my favorite part was watching the fire works in the harbor with my family and the crew. Thank you so much!
—RM, Age 14

The whole experience was amazing. I’m not sure we will ever be able to top this vacation. Everything was perfect. Thanks to the incredible crew for making this such a memorable week. 

Amazing time from beginning to end. The crew made this week that much more special. Thanks for everything!

So sad to leave… But so glad to have been onboard to get to know you all!
Special crew and talent abound. 

We had the best possible time on our Lady J adventure all because of the crew. Looking forward to seeing you again in the Bahamas. 

What a week! There is never a dull moment in the R family and we are so grateful to add the Lady J to our illustrious book of memories. The Captain and the crew gave us everything we could ask for and more. 
—The R. Family

Lady J crew and friends, what a fantastic week we have had with my son’s engagement and celebrating my birthday in complete luxury. We are so grateful!
—Mrs. K.

Thank you all for being so amazing this week! We will always remember the Lady J since we shared a special celebration onboard. You guys are all so sweet and we couldn’t have asked for better staff. We hope to return soon.

BRAVO! What an incredible crew that goes above and beyond the call of duty… over and over again! Thank you for spoiling our family like never before.
—The D. Family 

Thank you for an amazing trip! Wonderful crew, beautiful food, and best friends. We are never leaving :)
—The W. Family

Charter Guest Comments - January 2013 - St. Maarten

"The crew onboard Lady J each has such unique personalities and great smiles and social skills. They're amazingly fit, never stop moving, anticipate, and are always focused on the enjoyment, safety and happiness of the client and protection of the Lady J.  I've thought about every aspect of our entire charter, looking for areas for improvement, and for all that is in your control I believe you're BEST IN CLASS.  From the towels, linens, shampoo, body wash, toothbrush, laundry service, etc. to the wines, beer, drink of the day, food (selection, quality, prep and presentation), toys, facilities (Lady J herself), parting gift bag and favors....it's a world-class operation, without a doubt!"

Mr. O, Charter Guest onboard Lady J, January 2013

Lady J’s 5-star chef delights guests with a fabulous New England themed menu.

A select handful of charter brokers were invited to spend 5-days onboard 142' Palmer Johnson MY Lady J as an orientation and familiarization trip (also known in the industry as a FAM Trip) showcasing the yacht’s amenities, the fabulous crew, the chef’s abilities, and the beautiful destinations available to luxury charter guests. This first-hand knowledge of the yacht allows brokers to speak with full confidence, selling the Lady J experience to the most appropriate clientele. 

As a highlight to this special adventure, the Chef prepared a series of  special New England inspired menus focusing on local sea life and fresh vegetables from the northeast area. The delicious offerings of these 4 days provide a glimpse into the pleasures of Motoryacht Lady J.

Day 1  |  Lunch

  • Mozzarella, tomato and spinach salad with Balsamic glaze and fresh basil with a drizzle of basil oil
  • Platter selection of fresh local shellfish: Clams Casino, seared scallops and crab-cakes with herb salad accompanied by spaghetti with chili and lemon sauce
  • Strawberry shortcake with local strawberries and fresh cream 

 Day 1  |  Dinner

  • Chanterelle mushroom salad over arugula with Parmesan cheese shavings and served with a lemon dressing.
  • Macadamia nut and Dijon mustard crusted rack of lamb with a honey vinegar sauce, served with rice pilaf and steamed green and yellow beans and carrots
  • Maine Apple Cake with warm butterscotch sauce accompanied by Dulce de leche ice cream

Day 2  |  Lunch

  • Lobster Bake on the beach on a lovely warm afternoon on Butter Island: Baked Lobsters, clams, mussels, Kielbasa sausage, onions, corn, fingerling potatoes, drawn butter
  • Chef Garden Salad
  • Potato and chive salad
  • Whoopie pies

Day 2  |  Dinner 

  • Lima Bean Salad with snow pea and beet shoots served with a red wine vinaigrette and fresh Nasturtium flowers
  • Veal Saltimbocca alla Romana, escalope of veal, with Prosciutto ham, sage cooked in a Marsala sauce, accompanied by Tagliatelle Alfredo and steamed green vegetables
  • Pears poached with star anise and vanilla, coated with warm chocolate sauce, toasted almonds and served with Vanilla ice cream. 

Day 3  |  Lunch

  • New England Clam Chowder served with freshly made olive Foccacia bread
  • Grilled chicken with rosemary, garlic and lemon
  • Pan fried Hake with lemon and white wine sauce
  • Oven baked spicy potatoes
  • Cranberry and apple salad and spring greens with toasted Pecan nuts
  • Peach Cobbler with Fresh Cream

Day 3  |  Dinner

  • Fresh Local Oysters in the shell, on ice with Mignonette sauce
  • Seared Fillet Mignon with Sauce Béarnaise. Served with baked sweet potato on the side and Roquefort cheese salad
  • Fresh poached peaches with peach sorbet, raspberry coulis and vanilla ice cream 

Day 4  |  Lunch

  • Salad of golden roasted beets, with oranges, cranberries and cottage cheese over green salad leaves
  • Grilled Halibut with tomato, olive, caper and onion sauce served with asparagus risotto and roasted vegetables
  • Chicken Parmesan, with tomato marina sauce, grilled Parmesan served with asparagus risotto and roasted vegetables
  • Baked fresh figs, with honey and blueberries with crème fraiche and toasted pine nuts 

Day  4  |  Dinner

  • Sushi Nori platter and Vegetable Spring Rolls
  • Mini Peking Duck Pancakes with Hoi sin sauce, cucumber and scallions
  • A sample platter of:
    Ground Chicken Fried Won Tons
    Beef fillet in Black Bean Sauc
    Shrimp Sweet and Sour
    Stir fry Vegetables and Rice noodles
  • Pineapple Fritters and Chocolate ice cream

 Dining onboard Lady J is a world-class pleasure. Come and experience it for yourself!

A flexible general arrangement is very important for guests in a successful charter yacht.

October 2012

LADY J is currently in the shipyard, busy accomplishing a new paint job, several upgrades, plus a very important modification that will enable her two Twin Staterooms to be reconfigured in order to feature convertible Twins-to-Kings!

As a very successful luxury charter yacht, the owners of this beautiful 142' Palmer Johnson, understand the importance of offering charter guests flexible arrangement options so that regardless of the size of the party, the ages of the guests, and the distribution of family and friends, each group can enjoy the spacious accommodations in the way that is most suitable to their plans for an exclusive vacation.

LADY J’s charter clients will now have the option of the following bed configurations, accommodating 12 guests in 5 Staterooms:

1 King, 2 Queens, 4 Singles, 2 trundles,
2 Kings, 2 Queens, 2 Singles, 2 trundles, or
3 Kings, 2 Queens, 2 trundles.

You are welcome to download a full-size high resolution PDF of LadyJ’s deck plans (GA’s) featuring the new layout options available.

Also added to the impressive upgrades list is a 32' towed Intrepid tender!

10 Ways to stay in shape and exercise on charter

 4 Lady J Kayaks in Castine, Maine | 5 Lady J Bicycles ready for the beautiful ride from Camden to Rockport | Lady J Boot Camp, First Officer Jose arranged for 6 fitness stations before breakfast

Staying in shape while enjoying a luxury yacht charter vacation is essential especially when the charter includes indulging in the Chef’s magic in the galley. Following are some fun and healthy activities that guests recently enjoyed while cruising the coast of Maine onboard 142' Palmer Johnson Lady J: 

  1. Treadmill Workout: Watching the sun rise while working out on the treadmill, completely enveloped by tranquility in an uninhabited bay, surrounded by porpoises and seals is a magical way to start the day. There is a TV on the sun deck if you would like to stay in touch with world news, or you can plug in your iPod into the treadmill port or sun deck surround sound. You can also choose to chat to your friend on the neighboring treadmill.
  2. Waterski: Organize it with the crew so that tender will take you out. Did you know that waterskiing can burn up to 200 cals per 30 mins?
  3. Kayaking: Discover the hidden corners of Penobscot Bay in Maine. Kayaking is great for cardio as well as muscle toning. Average 170 calories per 30 minutes.
  4. Snorkeling: while relaxing and peaceful, snorkeling is a great way to stay active while on board.
  5. Paddle Boarding: An excellent exercise for core training.
  6. Hiking: Explore the nature trails in each port that you visit. Hiking burns 200 calories per 30 minutes.
  7. Lady J Boot Camp: A crew member will whip you into shape with his fun filled pre-breakfast cardio workout on the sundeck!
  8. Mountain Biking: Lady J carries 5 mountain bikes for charter guests to explore the islands. The Captain suggested the extremely scenic coastal road from Camden to Rockport, Maine. Average 300 calories per 30 minutes.
  9. Swimming: The great thing about a yacht charter is you’ll always have beautiful waters surrounding you. Swimming at a moderate pace burns 200 calories per half hour.
  10. Deck Climbing: Just climbing up and down the three flights of stairs from your cabin to the main deck—to the bridge deck—to the sun deck is a workout in itself! Climbing stairs burns 275 calories per 30 minutes!

After all this hard work and activity, a dip in the on-deck jacuzzi is the best way to relax and refresh in style, with a rum punch in hand. All calories burned estimates are approximates based on 150lb person. These may vary from person to person.

Hiking Monhegan Island in search of Fairy Houses | Lady J offers 2 paddle boards | 2 Treadmills are ready for a fabulous workout.

Suggested Caribbean 7-Day Luxury Charter Menu

By Chef
A luxury yacht charter through the Caribbean islands onboard Motoryacht Lady J is the perfect vacation, an exclusive holiday with a professional crew of nine ready to cater to your every whim. Your very own private chef will be at your service, hoping to make every meal an absolutely fabulous occasion. From casual breakfasts, to delicious alfresco lunches, to elegant gala dinners. The Chef of Lady J shares a sample 7-Day Caribbean Menu which is sure to whet your appetite. The menu below is  a brief guide of what you may expect and the chef will gladly provide alternatives at any time during the trip.

For breakfast every day there will be freshly baked muffins, pancakes and waffles made to order. 
Fresh fruit platter with yoghurt
Chef’s Granola
Cooked breakfast of bacon, eggs any style. 


  • Salad of roasted pears, Roquefort cheese, toasted pecans, over arugula with warm sherry balsamic dressing served with freshly made whole wheat bread.
  • Grilled Mahi Mahi with Mango salsa, Lemon Basmati Rice and Spinach and Edamame Bean salad
  • Freshly made Raspberry Sorbet with Lemon Tuiles


  • Chilled Melon and San Danielle Ham
  • Fillet Mignon with a Port wine sauce, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, with Cilantro and Lime, Roasted Asparagus tips, stuffed baby sweet red pepper with olive tapenade
  • Passion fruit Tart


  • Tomato, Arugula and Lemon Salad with toasted pine nuts and Parmesan shavings
  • Grilled lemon chicken. Rosemary Potatoes and steamed green vegetables
  • Freshly made Foccacia with Chef’s Pesto
  • Poached peaches, with raspberry sauce and vanilla ice cream


  • Seared scallops with lemon over frisee salad
  • Rack of Lamb with Macadamia nut crust, a honey and red wine vinegar sauce, roasted baby potatoes, minted pea timbale and carrot puree
  • Mango cheesecake with Chantilly cream


  • Lightly crispy battered shrimp, with lemon Dijon mustard sauce
  • Roasted Vegetables
  • Linguini Alfredo
  • Milk Gelato with Espresso Granita and almond macaroons


  • Beef Carpaccio
  • Lobster Thermidor, with fried onions rings, French fried potatoes and mixed garden salad
  • Coffee Crème Brulee 


  • Grilled Shrimp Skewers with roasted Lemon.
  • Penne pasta salad
  • Three beans and vegetable salad
  • Mixed leaf salad with Balsamic dressing
  • Flambéed Bananas with rum and chocolate ice cream


  • Orange and Lemon salad with Fennel and celery
  • Wagyu Beef New York Strip
  • Gnocchi with Tomato marinara
  • Grilled zucchini, squash and red onions
  • Iced Lemon Mousse and vanilla wafers


  • Eggs Benedict
  • Grilled tomato and Parmesan crust, Rosti potato cakes, Chef Salad
  • Champagne Mimosa
  • Fresh Strawberries and Tangerine granita


  • Grilled Chanterelle Mushroom salad with Lemon and Parmesan cheese, over spring greens with French vinaigrette
  • Roast Goose, Apricot and almond stuffing, roasted vegetables, baby new potatoes. With fresh chives and Cranberry jelly
  • Poached pears with red wine and cinnamon, Christmas pudding ice cream


  • Mozzarella, Avocado, Tomato and Basil Salad
  • Lobster Cakes with fresh Tartare sauce
  • Roasted peach and Goat cheese salad over Arugula and spinach with toasted almonds
  • Fusilli pasta salad with lemon and chili garlic sauce
  • Lemon Sorbet and fresh raspberries


  • Leek and caraway flan with mustard sauce
  • Veal Saltimbocca alla Romana
  • Fettuccini Alfredo
  • Steamed green vegetables
  • Crepes with caramelized oranges with Cointreau


  • Sushi Platters
  • Soft Shell crab tempura salad
  • Green Tea Ice cream and fresh strawberries


  • Light summer vegetable spring rolls
  • Chicken wontons
  • Beef with Black Bean Sauce
  • Peking Duck pancakes
  • Asian noodles and vegetable stir-fry
  • Trio of dessert: Lychee Sorbet, Mango tartlette, Raspberry Mousse

Day 8  |  Parting Lunch

  • Terrine of roasted peppers, spinach and mozzarella cheese with Balsamic Glaze
  • Grilled chicken Kebabs with Orange and tomato sauce
  • Rice salad
  • Chef’s salad
  • French Apple Tart with Vanilla ice cream

Tempted? Contact your favorite charter broker today and start planning the vacation of your dreams onboard Motoryacht Lady J.

Chef Emma Beckett wins 1st place at the Concours de Chef in Antigua


Chef Emma Beckett of 142' Palmer Johnson M/Y LADY J was recently awarded first place in the 101'–159' yacht category at the Concours de Chef Contest at the 50th Annual Antigua Charter Show, sponsored by Piper Heidsieck Champagne, Boat International Media, and LIAT Airlines.  

Emma is culinary trained and has worked in some of London’s top restaurants, most notably Gordon Ramsey’s Aubergine. She later moved on as sous-chef at Moving Venue—one of London’s largest private catering firms, working alongside a Roux trained Michelin star chef and catering events for up to 500. She has been a yacht chef for 9 years and has even started her own exquisite chocolate line “Bitter Chocolates”.

You are welcome to download Chef Emma’s Award Winning Menu in PDF format, from her famous “Papaya Green Chili Tini” to her “Thyme, Chili Salt Chocolate Torte”, this incredible menu is sure to stir your appetite and inspire your next meal. 

And if you’d like to sample any of these delicious options for yourself, come on board Lady J for your next luxury yacht charter vacation.

LADY J wins 3 awards at the 50th Annual Antigua Charter Show!

December 8th, 2011.
Chef Emma Becket of M/Y LADY J, 142’ Palmer Johnson, was awarded first place in the 101’-159’ yacht category Concours de Chef Contest sponsored by Piper Heidsieck Champagne, Boat International Media, and LIAT Airlines.

Also during the Antigua Charter Show, MTN Satellite Communications sponsored a photo competition and First Officer, Scot Fraser of M/Y LADY J, won the first place award for “most creative/artistic photo of a VSAT antenna”, as well as runner-up for “most interesting photo of use of communications”.

Welcome to Lady J yacht charters

This is the place to keep up-to-date on the charter activities of the Lady J. Available for charter; this 142 ft (43.3m) Palmer Johnson has just completed a refit that makes her better than ever for families or adult guests.

Updates include interior furnishings and fabrics of exceptional quality and comfort as well as the addition of new water toys. As our summer season is winding down, we invite you to consider the Lady J for a tropical holiday this fall and winter. If you're thinking of a Thanksgiving in the Bahamas or New Year's in the Caribbean, now is the time to begin planning. The Lady J has select charter dates available this winter in some of the best yachting locations.

December 2011 - LADY J has completed her first successful charter in the Bahamas and is now enroute to the Caribbean where she will debut at the 50th Annual Antigua Charter Show. I new 14' Aquascan jet tender has also been added to her inventory!